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#1 – Scripting for the Front Desk

  • Are you taking advantage of the gold mine just inside your front door?
  • Did you know that your main profit center begins and ends at that door?
  • Do you realize that you own a sales organization?
  • Does your staff understand the language of selling?
  • Did you know that by changing your language during a transaction you will increase your:
  • Product sales,
  • Up-sells,
  • Re-books,
  • All of which go hand in hand with client retention!!
  • Are you tired of nagging your staff to sell product?
  • Did you ever stop to think, that the real problem is….. They don’t know how to sell or what to say to sell effectively – because, make no mistake, that is what we do……EDUCATE, PRESCRIBE and SELL!!!!

Have you ever encountered a mediocre reception from another business? You probably walked away thinking, “Wow, if they had done this or said that, I would have done_____.” Is that the impression you want your clients or potential clients to leave the salon with?

In “Scripting for the Front Desk” you will find scripts for every scenario that happens at your reception area:

  • Phone calls
  • Walk-ins
  • First time clients
  • Repeat clients
  • Face to face
  • Up-selling
  • Rebooking
  • Product sales
  • Gift certificate sales
  • Price shoppers
  • Appointments
  • Complaints
  • Our front desk is our first point of contact and our last – let’s make it memorable and Profitable!


#2 – “Conducting the “Perfect” Interview”

Let’s face it – our service providers are our number one revenue source, but where and how to find good staff is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive. Wouldn’t it make an incredible difference if you could take some of the guess work out of finding staff?
In the Perfect Interview the “Two Blondes with Passion” tackle finding the right person for your team.

Staffing is always the greatest challenge facing any salon owner, whether you live in the big city or run a two chair salon in a rural area.
We all want to hire the perfect employee; someone loyal, attractive, eager, attentive, available at all hours, always willing to work weekends and evenings, and let’s throw in a halo or two!
Often, we are caught off guard….someone quits unexpectedly and you need another employee immediately!
Often we hire the first person who walks through the door without ever going through a proper Interview process! Sound familiar??
The interview process is critical to finding the right fit for your team!
Often owners are just happy to have a warm body behind the chair….. How has that worked out for you in the past?
But profit and team work are synonymous! And building a great team can’t be left up to guess work!
In “Conducting the Perfect Interview” find out how to;

  • Create an avatar for your perfect employee
  • Map out a detailed system for your interview process
  • Ask the right questions in an interview.

Following our tried and true methods will definitely help you close the gap to finding the right fit for your salon and staff.


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