7 Essential Strategies

Secrets_of_the_Profitable_Salon_Owner-300x296The 7 Essential Strategies is a Business Success Program designed to aid salon owners in creating a profitable salon. It is a culmination of all the systems that are necessary in the salon/spa business, and is comprised of hundreds of hours of research, interviews, and planning. If you were to hire a salon consultant to create and instigate this programming for your business it would cost you thousands of dollars. Instead, here is a concise and easy to use program that is simple to implement and cost effective.

Strategies can be ordered
individually for only $57.00 ea

Here is what you get:

Strategy 1 – The Secrets of a Powerful Leadership Program.

  • Put strong systems in place with an editable policy manual.
  • Create the correct culture.
  • Understand your leadership strengths.
  • What kind of communicator are you?
  • What is holding you back from your dream business?
  • You can’t manage people…you can only manage systems!
  • Downloadable version complete with audio component and 8 editable templates.

Strategy 2 – The Secrets of Proven Marketing Strategies.

  • Develop marketing systems.
  • Keep you current clients happy.
  • Bring in new clients regularly.
  • Effective promotions
  • Do more with the clients you have.
  • Direct Response vs Brand Marketing.
  • Downloadable version complete with audio component and 8 editable templates.

Strategy 3 – The Secrets of Developing a Strong Team.

  • Create a career path program.
  • How to hire the right people.
  • Keep your team focused and motivated.
  • Creating careers vs jobs.
  • Pricing strategies for a career path program.
  • Downloadable version complete with audio component and 16 editable templates, includes “The Perfect Interview”.

Strategy 4 – The Secrets of the Exceptional Customer Experience.

  • Find out what your clients WANT.
  • Implement the changes your clients want.
  • Creating the perfect client environment.
  • Improve your retail to service ratio.
  • Your staff is your number one customer.
  • How to create more consistency
  • Downloadable version complete with audio component and 17 editable templates, includes “Scripting for the Front Desk”.

Strategy 5 – The Secrets to Analyzing Your Business.

  • Forms and guides to determine your growth and potential.
  • Collect daily, weekly, monthly and annual data.
  • Why do we need numbers?
  • Productivity and creating positive outcomes.
  • Downloadable version complete with audio component and 12 editable templates.

Strategy 6 – The Secrets to Setting Attainable Goals.

  • How to set attainable, realistic goals.
  • Why do we need them?
  • How do we measure progress?
  • What keeps us on target.
  • Long term vs short term goal setting.
  • Downloadable version complete with audio component and 3 editable templates.

Strategy 7 – The Secrets to putting it all into Practice with ease.

  • How to stop getting in your own way!
  • How to get out from behind your chair and work ON your business.
  • How to plan and take action.
  • How to schedule.
  • Downloadable version complete with audio component and 8 editable templates.


You can purchase each strategy separately, or 2, 3 or more at a time. This option allows you to learn and pay as you go! Each strategy is a complete focus on a different aspect of your salon business.
If you do choose to purchase your strategies separately we highly recommend you that begin at the beginning. We developed this program with a step-by-step format, with each strategy building on the last.
If you are confident with some areas of your business already, and just want a refresher or new ideas, then choose the individual strategy that works for you!
Purchased separately each strategy is $57!
(Pssssst! This makes each strategy about the same price as a single processed colour or a facial in most salons in North America!)
They are completely downloadable including audio so there are NO shipping charges!


Purchase the complete Strategies Program for only $297!
A whopping 33% discount!

This is a completely downloadable program for your instant use! There is also an audio version for your listening pleasure! And, of course, there are NO handling or shipping charges!

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