Catherine Hanson and Aileen Eakins are “TWO BLONDES WITH PASSION”. The name reflects not only their dedication to their industry but a lighthearted approach to business. There isn’t an area of the salon industry that isn’t covered by their overall experience.

  • What do you need to know to make your business more profitable?
  • What are your areas of concern?
  • Do you have employee challenges?
  • Need staff training?
  • Retail sales frustrating you?
  • Need personal motivation?
  • Help in building systems?
  • Customer service expertise?


When we talk about mentors and coaches we believe you should choose someone who has,

“Been There, Done That, And Is still Doing It!”

 The two blondes, Catherine and Aileen, are just that!

Currently, Catherine is the CEO and founding owner of City Looks Salon and Spa, a multi-million dollar salon/spa and hair-loss solutions center.

Catherine is also CEO of Worldwide Salon Marketing, North America. She has been in the industry for forty-plus years as a stylist, salon owner, and business consultant and continues to be passionate about teaching, coaching, and mentoring other salon owners to reach their full potential.

One of her nicknames is the “Velvet Hammer” although we have also heard her affectionately referred to as “Dragon Lady”! Catherine brings home the truth and creates clarity in the business environment. She is a truly successful coach with an amazing track record. Her business accomplishments stand the test of time.

Aileen is also still out there doing her thing! She has a strong background in sales, both wholesale and retail. She is a business owner, entrepreneur and salon consultant who spends her day going in and out of salons and spas. After fifteen years of coaching, training, and mentoring stylists and salon/spa owners she has seen it all!

Aileen is one of the top producing sales representatives in her company (top 3% in the country) and is well-known for her expertise in customer service and staff training. As a professional customer service expert entering the salon industry, Aileen saw that there was a need for development of consistent business skills. Being a believer in the adage, “Inconsistency is the enemy of quality”

Aileen has developed successful training and mentoring programs for salon owners and stylists alike. Our promise and commitment to you is to bring you quality research, answers you can understand,
and simple guides to reach the success and profits that you deserve.


Diamond Strategy Session.

Catherine and Aileen are available for one-hour phone consultations to discuss your systems and operations.

  • complete a questionnaire to determine focus.
  • receive clarity and action plan to move forward.
  • only two spots are available per week.
  • you also receive a copy of the recorded call
  • a review and recommendations on action steps to be taken
  • email access for thirty days after call to allow for implementation.

The investment for this session is currently $500.

If you keep doing the same things over and over again – you’ll only succeed in getting the same results.

Isn’t time you took control of your salon business and GUARANTEED YOUR FUTURE SUCCESS!

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